ProActive Risk Management (PARM) is a leading global provider of enterprise risk management and security services. By taking an integrated approach to risk management and by recruiting the security industry’s top talent, PARM is able to provide an unmatched level of service based on its Five Dimensions of risk management.

Do you know what your enterprise’s overall capacity is to identify, analyze and take coordinated action to prevent or respond to risk related events?
Benoit Grenier, CEO ProActive Risk Management Inc.

In an ever-changing business environment, today’s enterprises are constantly faced with new risks and challenges. An enterprise which is able to recognize and adapt to these changes has the opportunity to truly innovate and thrive. PARM developed the Five Dimensions approach as a ground breaking way to allow businesses to thrive by gaining a competitive advantage while cutting back on losses through an integrated risk management / corporate intelligence system.

The Five Dimensions is a fundamentally new way of envisioning security and risk management. This approach is flexible enough that clients can handle their risk management internally or PARM can act as an enterprise’s own personalized Central Intelligence Agency handling some or all of its risk management and security needs. PARM can expertly manage its clients’ incidents, emergencies, and security services while gathering and processing multiple sources of information. PARM is thus able to provide actionable intelligence, and as a result its clients can make informed critical decisions in alignment with their strategic plans.

Central to the Five Dimensions approach is the fact that PARM considers there to be five interconnected dimensions to Risk Management and that 20% of risks cause 80% of the damage. This belief enables PARM to ensure that its actions are targeted and efficient, all the while protecting the most critical aspects of its clients’ organizations.