By joining forces with the industry’s leading innovators and pioneers, ProActive Risk Management (PARM) is able to provide its clients with cyber solutions based on the latest technological innovations. In a context where business threats are increasingly moving to the cyberspace, PARM has the tools and knowledge to help organizations face these challenges.

* Since PARM complies with all laws and regulations in all countries we perform our activities, in the province of Quebec, Canada, the services and products regulated by the BSP Quebec are referred to outside trusted organizations that comply to the Private Security Act (PSA) and its regulations. 

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.
William Pollard

Custom Services

PARM offers a suite of custom services to its clients. The list below introduces these various services. More details are available on these services by requesting the appropriate white paper.

The Psychological Intent from Linguistic Knowledge Indicators application (PSILKI) is a robust analytical tool that dramatically accelerates analysis of text based statements. PSILKI is capable of forensic and predictive analysis and is language agnostic. It generates indices of veracity, deception, and credibility, and presents those indices with both text and graphics across time for the analyst or investigator. With peer reviewed statements from individuals lying or telling the truth, the PSILKI application has achieved accuracy rates of 100% for clean data and 80.8% for dirty data, formerly unheard of in this field.

This system penetration test allows enterprises to be sure that the company is able to withstand external attacks and that key business processes are not disrupted due to the actions of intruders. Conducting a PENTest and acting on its recommendations significantly reduces the risk of incurring real damage from the actions of cybercriminals.

In recent years, attacks that leverage social engineering have become increasingly popular, with 67 percent of cyber espionage starting with a phishing email, according to the Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report. As a result of a successful attack, the attacker can gain control of an organization’s workstations to gain access to confidential documents, to use the resources to launch attacks on the systems of other companies, to transfer funds, and so on. Running PARM’s Socio-Technical Test is one way to counter this threat. The main purpose of this test is to identify the level of awareness and knowledge of a customer’s personnel about the requirements of information security. This service can also be useful to test the effectiveness of awareness programs already in place in an organization.

Regular network and system scanning allows organizations to learn about their vulnerabilities before they are discovered by hackers. It is not cost effective for smaller companies and website owners to hire a fulltime security professional. Using the PARM Scanner is a great alternative to having a fulltime professional on staff.

An increasingly large business audience is finding out what the U.S. Department of Defense has known for years: intelligent agent technology is a powerful labor multiplier. This new class of software can help humans:

  • Process more information than they ever could on their own.
  • Make decisions at a speed that is simply not possible by the human mind alone.
  • Process massive amounts of data – within context – for the very best performers and help them achieve even higher levels of productivity and decision making quality.
  • In the formation of “best practices”, help new or less skilled professionals perform at a higher level.

PARM provides a powerful intelligent agent that can be adapted and integrated to its client’s current systems in order to enhance operations.

PARM’s Social Media Monitoring Tools (SMMT), allows users to conveniently monitor, filter, and consolidate the content generated by different networks of individuals across their social media accounts. These SMMT lets a customer build custom networks populated by the users it wants to monitor and use a centralized dashboard to easily review their social media activity on a wide range of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. In addition to real time monitoring and keyword based alerts, these SMMT can also provide detailed weekly/monthly reports tailored to a client’s needs, allowing them to get all of the information they want from their networks.

PARM’s Media Mining System is an integrated platform which extracts metadata and key information from multiple sources in multiple languages in real time. The system consists of various components which are combined to provide a revolutionary capability: the power of cross media and cross lingual information retrieval, analytics and dissemination. The system automatically records and harvests data from multiple sources such as TV, FM Radio, YouTube, Internet (Social Media, Feeds, Websites), emails, and electronic documents.

Manually searching through hours / days / years of video to try to identify a specific object of interest is an extremely long and arduous process akin to finding a needle in a haystack. It mobilizes time, resources, and does not guarantee results. PARM’s video recognition & analysis tool brings a solution to this by utilizing search by example methodology for the automated search of massive amounts of unstructured data for objects of interest. Objects contained within video and imagery are automatically identified live or forensically, alerting users to the most relevant items. Manually reviewing video is now no longer necessary. PARM’s tool automates, extracts, and ranks results at great speeds, with unmatched accuracy.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a must. You need to protect your company’s most valuable asset from theft and misuse. But your employees need the freedom to use mobile devices that aren’t hampered by security software.

  • Passcode Control
  • Device Lock
  • Remote Alarm
  • App Install, Block or Uninstall
  • WiFi Management and Automation
  • BlueTooth Management and Automation
  • GPS Management and Automation
  • Block Camera Usage
  • Block Screen Shot Taking
  • Work Containerization Setup
  • VPN Management and Automation
  • Password Policy Enforcement
  • VPN Policy Enforcement
  • Malicious Behaivor Detection
  • USB data management
  • GPS/Location
  • App History
  • Incoming, Missed, Outgoing Call Logs
  • WiFi History
  • Bluetooth History
  • USB History
  • Battery Analytics
  • Photos/Videos
  • LogCat File Pull
  • User Contact, Email & Calendar automated setup
  • User, Contact, Email & Calendar suspension
  • HotSpot Management
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Malware prevention, detection & removal
  • Intrusion detection
  • MiTM (Man in the Middle) Alert
  • Root / Jailbreak Alert
  • Encryption management
  • OS Version management
  • App Policy Management
  • WiFi Policy Enforcement

PARM is able to monitor its client’s global Internet risk through its Deep Reconnaissance cyber security service. This service searches: the Surface web, that is sites which can be indexed by traditional search engines used by the general public; accessible sections of the Deep web, pages that cannot be indexed by a search engine and can only be accessed by use of a search box on an indexed page (note that password protected pages cannot be accessed); the Dark web, areas of the web that are deliberately hidden from public view and can only be accessed using specialized tools; and the full spectrum of Social Media sites.

PARM’s clients receive monthly reports detailing all aspects of their internet risk, including exploitation conspiracies originating in the Dark Web. By using these reports and a legal analysis of SEC/DOJ compliance implications a client will be able to proactively manage the impending risks faced by all multinational firms. In addition PARM can search for intellectual property that has been stolen and is being stored in all regions of the web.

PARM’s innovative data visualization tool allows users to interact with their data in a 3D visual environment composed of geometric objects associated with properties of color, shape, size and position to convey meaning to the user. This allows users to quickly and intuitively identify emerging trends, patterns and anomalies from complex data sets, as well as make new insights and discoveries. With the help of PARM’s data visualization tool users are no longer confined to graphs and charts, effectively solving the challenge of making sense of big data.

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