Benoit Grenier

Benoit Grenier

Co-founder and CEO

Mr. Benoit Grenier was born and raised in Joliette Quebec, attended the Université du Quebec in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program and is a Personal Protection Specialist (P.P.S.). Benoit had a long and distinguished career in business holding such positions as Manager Human Resources, District Operations Manager, VP Sales and Marketing and Director of Risk Management & Security before. founding ProActive RiskManagement where he is President and CEO. Benoit is bilingual: English and French.

Gina Savoie

Gina Savoie

Co-Founder, Executive Vice-President, CFO

Ms. Gina Savoie was born and raised in Joliette (Quebec) Canada and has completed an Executive Program at the Anderson School of Management in the commerce school of The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She accumulated considerable experience in retail and service industries before joining ProActive Risk Management where she is currently Vice President.  Gina is bilingual: English and French.

Who's Who

Melvin Cordova


Mr. Melvin Cordova earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics and education from Southern Illinois University. He has 30 years of military and intelligence community experience in technology innovation, addressing the most difficult problems of IT, Analysis, MASINT, and HUMINT.  Cordova has four years of private industry experience developing plans, process improvements, and strategies that minimize risks, accelerate revenue, and build strong customer relationships. Mel is bilingual: English & Spanish.


Nam Hoang

Senior Consultant

Vietnamese born in France and raised in Canada, Nam holds an MBA and has over 15 years in technology and business strategy. He is known for his exceptional skills in marketing and sharp business acumen. With extensive and diversified experience going from food and beverage, design and architecture to nanotechnologies, his multi-disciplined approach and background always brings a fresh new perspective.

Don Codling

Don Codling

Executive Advisor
Former FBI Cyber Security

Senior Cyber Security advisor for multiple companies.  Still maintains active TS clearance with CI Polygraph. Exec Manager 23+ years with FBI-as Unit Chief Cyber division with extensive operational experience in Cyber Crime and Cyber National Security investigations and senior policy development and implementation operations. FBI lead for Cyber STORM 2 and 3 national Cyber exercises. FBI entities such as NCFTA and IC3 while Chief Liaison Officer to DHS National Cyber Security Division and other IC members.

Spokesperson and cyber security “best practices evangelist” with focus on cyber threats to SCADA/ICS systems, energy sector, health care and financial services. Provides thought leadership in areas involving Law Enforcement and National Security agencies interaction with the private commercial sector.


Andre Nadeau

Executive Strategist and Senior Consultant

Working as a board member, corporate officer, and strategy advisor, Andre has assisted a number of companies in achieving their growth and performance objectives.

His experience covers governance, leadership, market impact, development of competencies as well as organizational and cultural evolution in support of strategy. His scope is truly international. The following highlights his work with key companies.


Awah Teh

Chief Information

Awah brings over 16 years of technology development and business strategy experience to the table; including senior and executive management experience at several fortune 500 firms such as IBM, Walt Disney, Sony, Amgen and The Lincoln Financial Group to name a few.

Armed with his experiences from the corporate world, Mr. Teh decided to take-on the Tech-Startup-world, and built a string of successful technology startups.

Michael Bruecks

Michael Bruecks

Senior Consultant

Michael Bruecks is a recognized, highly accomplished, and internationally respected subject matter expert in critical infrastructure and high-risk facility security protection programs. He has over two decades of leadership experience successfully developing and implementing comprehensive protection programs for the critical infrastructure sectors, and other high-risk facilities in the U.S. and across the globe.

Throughout his career, he has been recognized for drastically improving the protection design, protective strategies, and performance standards for some of the largest commercial nuclear security protection programs in the U.S.


Anne-Marie Cordeau

Account Executive and Incident Management Specialist

My passion is working with business owners and their leadership teams to create value by suggesting a proactive approach to risk management that protect against business continuity threats. Dealing with each customer as individuals, I believe that alignment between an organization’s growth strategy and risk management initiatives is key to serving the best interest of our client’s shareholders.

I focus on problem-solving and Incident Management service delivery including claims management and settlement negotiation.

Dr. Louis Freyd, PhD/PsyD & MBA

Dr. Louis Freyd, PhD/PsyD & MBA

Senior Consultant

More than 15 years multidisciplinary experience creating intervention plans and acting as a facilitator between internal and external partners. Dr. Freyd has worked internationally (Japan & Singapore) as well as in the remote areas of Canada and in doing so has gained a variety of experience with a number of organizations working in diverse fields. Dr. Freyd counsels individuals and groups to debrief them after crises such as work accidents, criminal attacks and company closures. Dr. Freyd focuses on developing risk and business strategy recommendations for management. He is bilingual in both French and English.


Marielle Morin

Incident Management Director

Marielle Morin has gained tremendous expertise in management of Customer Information Services in North America such as call center 24/7, customer care service, and contract administration including 10 years in B2B.  In addition she accumulated experience in business process implementation in small and mid-size enterprise restructuration including 18 months as a Business Process Owner for SAP ERP modules SD (sales and distribution) and MM (material management).  She has an extended expertise in creation of user guide and training, her experience was mostly gained in the retail and food business.


Claude G. Hotte

Senior Advisor

Mr. Claude Hotte earned a Master’s degree in Management from l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Montreal, Canada. Over his career he has acquired considerable experience in the domain of Corporate Intelligence especially Strategic Advice surrounding mergers and acquisitions. He is also a skilled trainer and coach, one who specializes in advising senior executives. He has worked extensively in both the private and non-government sectors both domestically and internationally for almost 40 years.


Simon Talbot

Business Analyst

Masters’ in Criminology and Security Studies graduate. Military background combined with experience in private and public security. Simon is specialized in security project management and process optimization, helping clients become more efficient at achieving their security and loss prevention related goals.

Ken Mason

Senior Consultant

Mr. Ken Mason earned a BCSc. (major in Computer Science and a minor in Business) from Concordia University. Over 35 years Ken has acquired experience in corporate management & strategizing, Information Technology, change management, business process reengineering, technical writing, project management, and educating. Mr. Mason has consulted in a wide variety of industries: aeronautics, communications, manufacturing, import/export and retail. Ken is bilingual: English and French.