Dr. Paul Scully-Power

Former Senior Adviser to US and Australian Governments in Defense and Intelligence.
Former NASA astronaut

Dr Paul Scully-Power is an integrator, strategist and orthogonal thinker, and is Australia’s first astronaut.

He has extensive international experience in industry, government, and academia in the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand, and is well known for his network of people and institutions around the world. He has broad expertise in defence, security & intelligence, aviation & aerospace, remote sensing, and systems analysis & ICT.

A leader in applying technology, he is currently engaged in cybersecurity, nano technology, big data analytics, space sensors, microsatellites, UAVs, and defence programs.

Dr. Linton Wells II

Professor at National Defense Univ / Former DoD CIO
Managing Partner, Wells Analytics, LLC

Linton Wells II is an American public servant who served a total of 51 years in government service. He served 26 years in the United States Navy as an officer, and then was appointed by the White House as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, serving through two administrations of both parties, both the Democrat Bill Clinton and the Republican George W. Bush. He wrote many books, articles, and white papers on matters of national security, including important texts related to the use of American military capabilities in global humanitarian operations.

His expertise focused on the strategic impacts of technological change and on building resilience to natural and man-made disasters as issues of US national security. He shaped, over five decades of public service, current US Department of Defense directives that link policy and technology with public-private cooperation.

Dr. Annette Sobel

University of Texas / Major General & Medical Dr. / Pilot

Executive for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Health Security Initiatives

Dr. Annette Sobel currently is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Education and serves as the Executive for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Health Security Initiatives, TTUHSC and TTU. She is residency trained in Family and Community Medicine and Aerospace Medicine and is a Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist. In addition, Dr. Sobel is a Human Factors Engineer, and her work has emphasized global disease surveillance and development of novel, interactive learning and educational platforms.

Dr. Sobel is trained as a military and civilian flight surgeon and was an Army Astronaut Candidate in 1989. After 20 years of military service, she retired as a Major General in the Arizona Air National Guard.

Dr. David Matsumoto

Professor, Consultant / World renowned Psychologist

Dr. David Matsumoto, Director of Humintell, is a world-renowned expert in the fields of emotion, nonverbal behavior, deception, and culture. 

Matsumoto’s research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, Army Research Institute, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Research Laboratory, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology, Department of Defense, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office of the Technical Support Working Group, and the High Value Detainee Interrogation Research Group. 

Matsumoto has also served as a regular instructor at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA, and at the U.S. State Department.

Don Codling

Former FBI Cyber Security, Risk Management and Information Privacy Executive

Senior Cyber Security advisor for multiple companies.  Still maintains active TS clearance with CI Polygraph. Exec Manager 23+ years with FBI-as Unit Chief Cyber division with extensive operational experience in Cyber Crime and Cyber National Security investigations and senior policy development and implementation operations. FBI lead for Cyber STORM 2 and 3 national Cyber exercises. FBI entities such as NCFTA and IC3 while Chief Liaison Officer to DHS National Cyber Security Division and other IC members.

Spokesperson and cyber security “best practices evangelist” with focus on cyber threats to SCADA/ICS systems, energy sector, health care and financial services. Provides thought leadership in areas involving Law Enforcement and National Security agencies interaction with the private commercial sector.

Melvin Cordova

Technology Innovation Executive
Chairman of the Advisory Board

A proven executive management track record in the defense and intelligence technology industry, with over 30 years of experience leading change, managing innovative programs, and building consensus.  Focus is on identifying emerging threats and solutions, commercializing government intellectual property, and managing the velocity and complexity of technology innovation for high-stakes environments.  

Extensive technical military operations experience.  Confident and comfortable working in high-pressure, high profile environments.  Passion for identifying and coordinating resources, and steering projects focused on innovation, reducing time, costs, and risks, resulting in increased efficiency and production levels.  Knowledge of motion and time studies.  Fluent in Spanish.

Ms. Michele Weslander Quaid

O​DNI Deputy CIO, NRO CTO, ​Google Public Sector CTO

Michele is Founder and President of Sunesis Nexus. Her career has been at the nexus of National Security, Domestic and Foreign Policy, and Technology. Michele is a gifted communicator, coach, and consultant, who works globally with both the public and private sectors, utilizing her experience and expertise in executive leadership, strategic planning, coalition building, technology, innovation, leading change, organizational transformation and operations.

Prior to founding her own company, Michele served as Google’s Chief Technology Officer for the Public Sector and Chief Innovation Evangelist working with partners and clients around the world. Before joining Google in 2011, she served in both industry and government, collaborating with talented people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, from corporate boardrooms to combat zones.

Ms. Susan Munn

Security Executive Consultant / ASIS International Physical Security Council Vice Chair

Susan Munn’s security and business risk management experience encompasses law enforcement, government, and private sectors. Leveraging lessons of excellence and best practices, Susan brings a unique and valuable service for her clients to her own consulting practice.

As a dedicated Security Professional, she has over 35 years of demonstrated international success in both public and private sectors. Susan is serving as Vice Chair, ASIS International Physical Security Council, Chapter Chair Ottawa Chapter and ARVP Women in Security. Her experience includes security and business risk management of ultra- high-value assets, personnel, and facilities, as well as the information and supply chain security aspects. She developed the security systems and programs for many facilities and led large security teams globally. Her executive level experience involves human resources, IT, legal, compliance, anti-corruption/ anti-bribery and supporting brand elements of the business.