Clients can choose to have ProActive Risk Management (PARM) train their staff to handle incidents or can outsource the entire process to PARM.

PARM’s Incident Management services mitigate its clients’ exposure to liabilities, damages, and losses by using processes based on problem-solving and proactive customer outreach. PARM’s team of highly trained incident management specialists manages all incidents, complaints, and problematic situations from the moment they are reported until their resolution, effectively preventing potentially negative claims and developments from materializing.

An incident is an unexpected and usually disruptive thing that happens that, if not handled properly, may have serious financial and or reputational consequences to an organization.

Paramount to mitigating exposure to both costs and reputation damage is the manner in which an enterprise handles an incident. PARM provides a wide range of services to ensure that incidents are handled in the most expedient manner possible.

1-800 Hotline & HR Support Line

The highly trained agents who manage these 24/7 lines for PARM specialize in Customer & Employee Inquiries, Product Issues & Recalls, Property Damage, Laws & Regulations Compliance, Customer Service, Media Relations and Communication Coordination between insurers, adjusters and attorneys.

These agents will also establish coordinated communications between all parties involved, including Insurers, adjusters, and attorneys. By doing so they facilitate the conducting of an expert assessment of damages and liabilities as soon as possible thus helping to reduce settlement costs and legal fees. Additional benefits are that losses to infrastructure and/or inventory will be minimized and the time a company is unable to provide their normal level of service or operations to its customers will be minimized.

Finally, PARM believes that customers must feel that their concerns are being heard and that they are involved in addressing those concerns. By proactively involving customers the likelihood of negative developments evolving from their concerns is reduced.

Documented Process Tracking

A cornerstone of PARM’s Incident Management philosophy is to maintain thorough & reliable data compilation in a centralized NIST 800-53 Rev compliant database. Doing so not only aids in efficiently resolving a situation but also ensures a strong legal defense should one be required.

Incident Follow-up

Another cornerstone of PARM’s Incident Management philosophy is to conduct a thorough follow-up including a root cause analysis. This reduces the likelihood of a repetition of the incident.

While effectively managing incidents and reducing claims can help reduce a client’s insurance rates and premiums a more effective way may be to leverage self-insurance. Self-Insurance, also known as Self-Insurance Retainer is a set-up whereby PARM will manage all aspects of a claim up to a specific monetary limit, that limit having been previously agreed upon with the insurance company.

If a client outsources incident handling to PARM they are relieved of all the tasks and responsibilities related to hiring, training and managing an incident management team. On the other hand, if they wish to handle the incident management internally PARM can provide all the training required to build a world-class team.

An enterprise will become aware of an incident through one or more of several channels. These include a customer support phone line or email account, an incident report from a remote location, a hotline call, a confidential employee whistleblower line, and an automated event monitoring system. It is vitally important that they all be handled by a centralised, organized procedure such as the one developed by PARM:

  • The incident management team must first do a “triage” on the incident, evaluating the situation and performing a risk assessment
  • A plan of action is decided upon and implemented in partnership with the client
  • The needed resources are dispatched and coordinated
  • The incident is resolved
  • Follow-up is undertaken in cooperation with appropriate resources from the client
  • Complete incident documentation is entered in to the database
  • A report is made to the appropriate client’s executives based on established procedures

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